Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Daily life in Singapore

So, here I am in my favorite Starbucks on the way to the supermarket.Yes, it is time for our weekly grocery shopping again. I almost feel like a professional blogger with my blue berry muffin and the iced vanilla latte next to my laptop.

How is life in Singapore so far? Well, it is good but still so different to life in Australia. I really like Singapore, I really do but it is just not home. Our apartment is located in a great location and with the hot weather, it feels like holiday every single day. Yes I know you might think now that I have holidays every day since I took a year off work and only study. But I try to live the weekdays like a week day and the weekends like a weekend. Which means, getting up in at a reasonable time, say 8.30 am - not too late. After a shower and brekkie, I check my emails, Facebook, Twitter and any other websites (news, blogs etc). Before I get too sidetracked with the Internet, I start to study for a few hours. Then it is time for lunch (usually at our local hawker market) or I go to hot yoga.
After that, checking emails again and maybe writing a post on my blog. If I didn't go to the yoga at lunch time, I would go to the gym in the afternoon. Depending on the day, I have to go to uni in the evening or I wait impatiently for TD to come home (if he is not travelling).

So, now you ask where is the gloss here? Well, I haven't mentioned yet that I also like to spend my afternoons on Orchard Rd. Orchard Rd is the most famous shopping street in Singapore. All luxury designer brands have at least one shop there. You can also find Zara, Esprit, Gap, Aldo, Steve Madden, Levi's etc there - the shops for my budget. My favorite shopping mall on Orchard Rd is ION. You almost fall out of the MRT station into the ION shopping mall. I love to spend time at the MAC and Benefit counter at the beauty retailer Sephora. My makeup bag has been substantially restocked with MAC products over last few months and I feel fabulous with my new lip gloss.


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