Friday, December 31, 2010

Good Bye 2010 - what a year it was

Wow, I can't believe it already New Year's Eve of 2010.

2010 was a massive year for me, full with adventures sometimes glossy, sometimes not so glossy. It was full with love, happiness, travel, tears, laughters, sun, food and challenges. Yes, it was the biggest and probably most remarkable year of my life so far. Let's start with a little review of 2010.

My wonderful husband T and I got married in January this year. It was truly the best day of my life (so far!) and yes it is a little bit cheesy and cliche to say that. I felt the most beautiful and happiest on that day. Often when I am little bit down or have a non-sense fight with my hubby, I recall how I felt on our wedding day and the meaning of the vows we exchanged on that day. 

After a gorgeous honeymoon in Vietnam, we moved to Singapore for a relative short stay (8 months in total) and I went from full time work to part time a student. Sounds exciting and yes it was exciting at the start. We lived in this great & new apartment with a fantastic facilities and awesome view, cheap cabs rides, safe and clean city, yummy food and good shopping. On the other hand I also realised how much working was/is for me in terms of social contacts. And yes, my enemy homesickness visited me a few times too. Oh and loneliness dropped in a number times as well because my hubby was more on the planes flying across the world instead of being in Singapore (with me).  

I had the opportunity to fly twice back to Berlin and to see my family and friends for a few weeks each. I traveled to fantastic places like Tokyo, Malaysia (twice), Seoul, Bali and Shanghai. I read so many books and have started to love exercising (and yes I can get up at 5.45 am to work out and actually enjoy it.) 

What have I learnt in 2010? 
- I love being married (not just because of the sparkle on my finger) and yes it change things in your relationship. 
- I call Australia now "home" and absolutely love living in Collingwood. 
- I appreciate and cherish my relationship with my little sister M more than ever.
- I bough way too many beauty products in duty free and Singapore but now I can sport a bright lip stick without feeling like a clown.
- Exercising is now a part of my life style, it makes me feel good, happy and gives me energy.
- I love cooking.
- The crisis between North Korea and South Korea has to stop. War makes no sense whatsoever. Korea is such a beautiful country.
- We all have to do something seriously about the pollution and damage to our environment. 
- Melbourne weather despite being so unpredictable is great.  
- I am a breakfast person  and not dinner.
- I love Chanel, Burberry and my iPhone (BlackBerry I am looking at you - we are still not friends yet.)

Let's say good bye to 2010 with these photos