Monday, May 10, 2010

Iron Man 2 and sweet pop corn

Last Friday, the hubby and I went to our local cinema in Singapore and watched the new Iron Man 2 movie in digital. I am still not sure what was more delicious - watching Robert Downey Jr or the sweet pop corn. I haven't eaten sweet pop corn in like 4 years (basically since moving to Australia) - it feels like an eternity. I actually forgot what sweet pop corn tastes like. For some strange reason, Australian cinemas do not sell sweet pop corn, only salty pop corn which I can't stand. I guess my waist line was quite happy about the fact that I don't like salty pop corn.

About the movie, I thought Iron Man 2 was better than the first Iron Man. It was funnier, more action, Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark was more arrogant. Sam Rockwell's character Justin Hammer should be mentioned here, great character. Please look out for his hand. It looks like he didn't wash his hands properly after applying fake tan.
I just don't understand the hype about Scarlett Johansson's role and her fighting scenes in Iron Man. Firstly, she hardly appeared in the movie and when she did, she didn't speak. Secondly, her fighting scene (it was only one!) was definitely performed by a stunt woman. But I guess she looked very ft and toned in that lycra suit.

I would definitely recommend to watch Iron Man 2 and it is not just a "boys movie".


  1. Robert Downey Jr looks great in the ads - here's hoping I find a hubby that looks that good at his age! Now, have you seen Kick Ass? If so, who would win in a fight out of Iron Man (or Scarlet) and Hit Girl? xoP

  2. No I have not seen Kick Ass. Send me the link to the trailer.

    But regardless, I would think Yvonne Strahovski's character Sarah Walker in Chuck would win - man, she can kiss asses. (Here you can see that I am not as fit and toned as she is)