Friday, April 30, 2010

Can being homesick be something good?

I experienced the feeling of being homesick a number of times. First after moving out from home to a new city, then a few years later after moving from Germany to Australia in 2005.
Every time I was challenged by a completely new life - new job, no friends and family nearby.

So, when we moved to Singapore a few months ago, I kind of expected that I would be homesick again. And hey, after a couple of weeks of settling into our new life in Singapore, there it was - this awful feeling - homesickness.

So I wondered, couldn't this feeling be something positive? You know, try to see the things from the positive side. Yes feeling homesick sucks. But how would you feel if you don't have a place which you can call "home". Doesn't it mean when you are homesick that you have a home? That you have a place where you have put your root down, your comfort zone, a place which makes you feel like you belong somewhere? Wouldn't it be worse if you don't have such place?

I am trying to see my homesickness from that point of view. I am still a little bit homesick. However I must say I am feeling much better now and I am enjoying the great view from our apartment even much more.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Let the adventure begin...

So - this is it - I have made a commitment to myself to write a blog. Now, where to start? Isn't hard to start somewhere? Like walking in a new pair of high heels? Isn't it much easier and much more comfortable to walk in those old comfy pair of flats? Yes, but where would be the fun if we wouldn't try something new once in a while, like trying a new colour of lip gloss or writing a blog?
So, this blog will be about my daily adventures and about things in life which I enjoy.
I hope I can entertain my readers with this blog and bring a little smile on your face or maybe even excite you to try something new.

Happy reading,