Saturday, November 13, 2010

Dear Blog, I owe you an apology

Yes, dear Glossy Daily Adventures, I am sorry for neglecting you over the last 2 months. If I tell you of the hectic weeks which included trips to Germany to spend some time with my family, followed up by days of packing up our belongings in Singapore, then flying to Shanghai for a quick break, back to Singapore for the last bit of packing and then flying finally home to Melbourne, not mentioning the endless hours of unpacking, cleaning up and shopping to stock up the pantry, you will probably be offended and won't listen to my stories anymore since travelling is no excuse for non-blogging. And yes, you are right, I should taken time to blog. Please forgive me, GDA.

So yes, I am back in beautiful Melbourne, back at home, and it feels like I have never left. 8 months without Melbourne was a long time and I truly appreciate the great life style you offer, Melbourne. 

It is great to sleep in our own bed again, drink great coffee on Smith St, cuddle our cute Cocker Spaniel Jesse and take him for long walks along the Yarra, going for runs outside and not break into a massive sweat within the first 2 minutes, buy fresh food on the Queen Victoria Market, catching up with friends in our local pub. 

When I moved from Germany to Australia 5 years ago, I already learnt that you start to appreciate the little things which make you happy at home. Yes, those little things I have missed in Singapore, and I am so happy that I have all those little things back again as there is no better place than home.  

My first coffee in Melbourne - on Smith St