Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday breakfast in Singapore

It is Sunday and Sunday is one of my favorite days of the week because it means time to go out for breakfast. Many of you would know that I love going out for breakfast. (I seriously miss the cafes in Collingwood and Fitzroy!)
TD and I went to this Australian restaurant Double Bay today. It is a 15 minute walk from our place which is a long time when the sun burning on your head. Double Bay has a big banner advertising their brunch menu which looked very nice. Poached eggs, bacon (not for me but for TD), sautéed mushrooms etc. 
We are used to terrible service in restaurant & cafes in Singapore by now but the service at Double Bay today was seriously terrible. 
Firstly no one seemed to be interested in taking our orders and then the food came out before our drinks (15 minutes after we ordered which is good time for good).  I mean seriously we walked for 15 minutes in the boiling sun and they didn't give even us a glass of water, even though we asked twice for it. And I don't care if there are so many coffee orders - it doesn't take 15 minutes to make a bloody cappuccino. 
I was so annoyed about that and I sent our food back and asked (actually "demanded" is the probably the best word) for our drinks to be served before any food. I have never done that, ever. Usually TD is the rude one when it comes to bad service in a restaurant. I guess I can contribute this to my low blood-sugar at that time - I haven't eaten anything at this stage. 

And then, surprise, surprise within 2 minutes we got our coffees (very good cap) and food. Breakfast wasn't as good as I hoped.

So the search for good Western breakfast is still on. Any recommendations are more than welcome.

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