The Glossy Daily Adventures blog is a creation of Jasmin Carrington - a girlie woman who loves beauty products & fashion, food (in particular breakfast), shopping and a good book. A big part of Jasmin's life is exercising, in particular running, and she is very passionate about healthy eating and living. Her attitude of life is "a happy and healthy me" but she wishes that a healthy and happy body image and life would be more promoted across media and fashion industry. Having said that, Jasmin loves her coffee in the morning and would rather skip dinner to have her beloved chocolate and red wine despite knowing her hips and liver won't like it so much.

Jasmin is originally a German girl (Berlin!) but has lived in Australia for more than 5 years. So she is a little bit confused about her nationality. After a short stay in Singapore in 2010, she now lives with her husband and her uber-cute Cooker Spaniel Jesse back in Melbourne.