Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Challenge to stay healthy in Singapore

I would have never imagined that I would say this - It is hard to stay healthy in Singapore.Yes you read it correctly. Did you say "Hang on, Jasmin, isn't Asian food healthy? Aren't there all these hawker markets with the amazing offer of food?" 
Well, you may be right. BUT (yes the big but), only if you don't eat anything which is deep fried (which I don't because I don't like it), avoid the meats (generally it it fatty chicken, very fatty chicken) and have the tofu instead get an extra serve of veggies and less rice (half the plate is full with just plain rice) AND even then, do you know how much oil they used for the cooking and what else is in the food like MSG? Don't forget to add the local specialty, sweet iced lemon tea, probably with tons of sugar in it.

Eating out is definitely much easier for us here. It is cheaper (food in supermarkets is more expensive), more convenient, not to mention that our kitchen is not fully equipment to cook up a great meal. 
The big problem with eating out is, you never know what is actually in it. I read that a meal which has been cooked in restaurant has on average 40% more calories than if the same meal would have been cooked at home. 
Interesting, huh? 

Singapore currently promotes healthier eating. It says everyone should eat 2 serves of fruit and 2 serves of vegetables a day. In Australia, 2 serves of fruit and 5 (!) serves of vegetables are the goal. In the US, it is 5 serves of fruit or vegetables a day. After reading this, I was not surprised that I am struggling to eat enough veggies a day. Seriously, I miss my veggies, I even crave them. Funny enough, I also miss home cooked meals.

In light of the "30 days of health & well being" starting next week, I decided it is time to take control again. Why doing all these work outs and yoga if it is ruined every time I eat out? Time that I will cook more at home again or if TD is in town, he will cook. (Thanks honey!). 
Today I did a big shopping, spent a small fortune and I cooked myself a nice dinner. Salmon with broccoli and asparagus. Yes, it sounds a little bit boring, but it tasted great.  

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  1. This sounds much like southern US food: everything fried. Fried Ocra, fried turkey for thanks giving or fried chicken liver (kotz!!)
    I resited for the last three year and will not give in. I had great fruit in Singapore, but do not remember the fatty stuff.

    Keep on writing