Friday, April 30, 2010

Can being homesick be something good?

I experienced the feeling of being homesick a number of times. First after moving out from home to a new city, then a few years later after moving from Germany to Australia in 2005.
Every time I was challenged by a completely new life - new job, no friends and family nearby.

So, when we moved to Singapore a few months ago, I kind of expected that I would be homesick again. And hey, after a couple of weeks of settling into our new life in Singapore, there it was - this awful feeling - homesickness.

So I wondered, couldn't this feeling be something positive? You know, try to see the things from the positive side. Yes feeling homesick sucks. But how would you feel if you don't have a place which you can call "home". Doesn't it mean when you are homesick that you have a home? That you have a place where you have put your root down, your comfort zone, a place which makes you feel like you belong somewhere? Wouldn't it be worse if you don't have such place?

I am trying to see my homesickness from that point of view. I am still a little bit homesick. However I must say I am feeling much better now and I am enjoying the great view from our apartment even much more.

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