Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sick of sick looking, size 0 models

I enjoyed a latte and a glossy magazine in the sun this afternoon. As I was flicking through the September issue of that magazine to be inspired by the new trends, I noticed I became more and more annoyed, almost pissed off. It wasn't because I disapprove the latest trends like clogs or leather t-shirts or the loud conversation of a crowd of Chinese tourists next to me. 

No, all these photos of all those stick-thin, size 0, unhappy looking, teenage catwalk models really pissed me off. Seriously, who does still think that those sick and unhappy looking models will make us women want to buy that dress? I don't even think that the clothes look good on them nor do I envy these models for their body. I envy Beyonce, the Kardashian's sisters and J.Lo for their confidence and welcome their healthy approach to their bodies. These ladies can almost pull off everything and they are not a size 0 or 2. 

Can the fashion world please wake up and show healthy and happy looking, not size 0 models? I almost feel sorry for these models as it cannot be healthy to maintain a size 0 figure. All these reports about deaths of models due to anorexia clearly prove that. 
Over the last couple of years, a number of designers have started to work with "plus-size" models, but is a size 12-14 woman really a plus size? The average Australian woman is a size 14, so it is the UK and the German average size is 40 (size 12). Does this mean that the majority of all women around the world are a "plus-size". I don't think so. 
Look at Crystal Renn (former size 0, anorexic model, now successful "plus size" model). She looks great and normal just like an average woman you would see on the street. I want to see more of women like Crystal on the catwalk and in magazines. 
Karl Lagerfeld who is a vehement defender of size 0 models said famously that "no one wants to see a big women" . Looking at the photo below - here Crystal walked for Chanel spring 2011 collection.  Can I assume that Crystal is not a big woman then, Mr. Lagerfeld?

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